Download 5 Methods to Use Tinder without Facebook to Improve Facebook Privacy

Tinder is an application that helps you to find your better half. It is one of the applications which is available for both Android and IOS developers and is present in the Google Play Store and also Apple gallery. You can download this from any of the sites and enjoy finding your better half while you use this application. The feature of it is based upon your location and all the people of your age and you want to make the person of your life is provided.

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You can even see the details of your life partner before you select that. The only side effect of using this application is that you need to log in by using a Facebook account. Many people do not like the idea of using tinder by using the Facebook account as they want to make a private account or make tinder a completely separate entity that should not halt the privacy of the Facebook account. Well, if you are one of those people who do not want to login tinder by using your Facebook account, you are at the correct place as in the article we are going to tell you all the necessary features which help you to login Tinder and that without logging into your Facebook account which helps keep your privacy secure. People are afraid of the fact that if they log in to Facebook, their data which includes contacts, chats, audios, videos, and photos are prone to leaking.

Brilliant ways from which you can use tinder without connecting your Facebook account

If you are one of those people who do not want to use tinder by connecting to the Facebook account. Well, you are in the right place as in this article I am going to tell you different ideas from which you can use tinder without connecting to your Facebook account. There are multiple pros and cons of login into a Facebook account and tinder account. Before going into the details of using tinder without Facebook, let's check out are the benefits and disadvantages of using both accounts by synchronization.

Pros of Signing up on Tinder with Facebook

  • When you use the tinder account with Facebook all the details of your Facebook account are transferred to a tinder account and you do not have to tell all the details again and again. It is one of the best pros of the synchronizing of both accounts as tinder fetches all details of the Facebook account.
  • You are safe from any fake ID and nobody can make your fake ID as the data and information is synchronized and if someone tries to fake the ID, it does not happen as the information is present in both of the accounts.
  • The above-given advantages are enough for letting you know the importance of synchronization of both of the accounts, let’s get forward to the cons of using both accounts simultaneously.
  • If you use this application, your photos are synchronized via your Facebook account to your Tinder account and if your ID gets hacked by chance all your photos are prone to leaking. It is such a Nightmare for us. isn’t it?
  • It is one of the proper application which help you to synchronize your contacts and if your account gets hacked. the synchronization of accounts with the contacts will cause all your data to leak as all your contacts are present on your account. the person who hacks it can leak your contact details and also publish your conversation on your FB account. It is one of the Worst Nightmares for a person that his chats are uploaded publicly on your Facebook account. Nobody of us wants this to happen so you should consider synchronization of data before use tinder.

1- Create a new Facebook Account

If you want to use tinder without a Facebook account you may have to create a new Facebook account and the details are given below...

  • First of all, you need to create an account on Google or Yahoo
  • Click on the Facebook app
  • Open FB on app or web and click on create account option
  • Enter your name, birthday, email, and password
  • Click on the make account option
  • Now open tinder
  • Login to your new Fb id while you are using that

2- Improve Facebook Privacy


If you don’t want to get in all the fuss of creating a new Facebook account, you have an alternative. You can simply improve Facebook privacy on your current account; you can keep it private so none of your Facebook friends will have to know about your Tinder app.

  • First of all, you need to open your FB id and open the login account
  • Click on the three vertical lines given at the top right corner of the Facebook
  • Open ‘see more apps’
  • Open the Tinder account
  • You now need to click on the privacy and change it to the ‘only me’ option

3- By Changing Tinder App Settings

Using tinder without synchronizing with Facebook.

  • You can change the tinder app setting.
  • Open tinder account go to the setting options
  • Click on ‘show me on tinder social’
  • Disable this option and you are good to go now

4- Ask Tinder to Get Access Tinder Sign In Without Using Facebook

You should follow the steps given below...

  • First of all, you need to sign in using a Facebook account
  • Open the setting of tinder account
  • Click on the contact setting option
  • Change the settings of contact
  • Now log out of your FB account

5-Using your Phone Number and OTP

You can use your tinder account while using your phone number without having access to your Facebook account...

  • Open your tinder app and it will give you two options which will be to sign in by using a Facebook account and other is sign in by giving your phone number
  • Click on the option of sign in with a phone number
  • Enter on the number and click next
  • It will give you some OTP code and you to write down that code inside the account and press continue
  • Now you need to give your email ID and other details on your Tinder account
  • You can enable or disable the backup depending upon your own choice
  • Give your password and other details and you are good to use tinder without having to log in to your Facebook account

All the above-mentioned options can be availed if you want to use your tinder account without using your Facebook account. It will secure your data and save all your necessary information and you can easily use a tinder account and find your life partner as it is the best dating application up till now.

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