Best Stretching Apps Download for Android and IOS

Fitness has become a new fashion nowadays and most of us are fitness freaks and we all know about ideas of different stretching exercises and their benefits to regulating our BMI and weight. You have to do certain stretching exercises and also other exercises which play an important role in losing weight and also make you feel relax and comfortable after a hectic day of yours. so if you want to keep yourself active and healthy you should definitely take some time for yourself to stretch and there are many benefits of stretching on a regular basis.

Also, it is very important to know the perfect posture for stretching as from poor posture you can suffer injuries and fractures which are very dangerous. So if you are a fitness freak and want to know about the stretching applications, you are at the correct place as we are going to tell you about fitness applications that will help you to stretch.

TOP 12 Best Stretching Apps for You


One of the topmost applications of stretching is flexibility and the people who downloaded it have loved the application as it made their life many times easier. It is one of the easiest to use application for the people who love to exercise and also it help them to allow different kinds of exercises like walking, yoga, Zumba and other dynamic warm-ups of the daily routine.

2- Stretching Sworkit

A second application for stretching is stretching sworkit and it has a large number of people who use this application. It provides them with more than a hundred amazing workouts, stretches which have enabled them the essential basic stretching. Also, provide them with some customer care services which they can enjoy while they stretch.

3- StretchIt

This application is available for both Android phone users and also Apple phone users and it is loved by many people. It has allowed them to use the stretching medium and provide them the edited videos on stretching so that people may know how to do it and prevent injuries to their spine. Also, it has a free trial which allows you to use it for 30 days to know how it is.

4- Home Workout

It gives you home-based workouts as many of us do not have time to visit the gym every single day. You can be at your home and still work the best exercises which are well researched and given by professionals.

5- Pilates

This application is the most effective form of exercise, very easy and many people are now switching the exercise routine to Pilates as it keeps them healthy and helps them to relax after a tiring day. Then the training structure is present inside this application and they will train you.

6- Daily Workouts

Walking daily is extremely necessary to keep oneself healthy also maintaining ideal weight and BMI is very important because if you are not maintaining your weight, you will be at a complete loss because you may gain weight and you are prone to suffering from a variety of heart diseases. Daily workouts provide you with some exercises which are up to 30 minutes so that you may keep yourself healthy.

7- Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises is another application that has a large number of users and more than a hundred workouts are available which involves every part of your body. It is available on Google Play Store and also the Apple store so both the users can download it. It involves exercises which include all part of your body.

8- Extreme Eye Exercise

It is one of the most demanded exercise applications which is developed for Google and IOS users and they can improve this why this application of your eyesight it has an extremely unique pattern which will help the users to improve the eyesight in no time. It also trains their mind and eyes which no other application has ever done to anyone.

9- Stretch HD

This application is one of the most commonly used stretching exercises and also it is free for Android and IOS users. there is the presence of videos for stretching and people can see those videos to get an idea of how to keep themselves healthy and also how to perform a particular exercise. There is a timer present inside which helps you to know that time is over for exercise.

10- Stretch Timer

This application is loved by every person and there is a video for detailed stretching which involves a different type of your body parts and you need to make sure that you do proper exercise after watching the video which is given inside. The video helps the users to know that they are doing exercise perfectly and there is no injury they are prone to getting as their posture is correct.

11- Track Yoga

The second last application which I would like to tell you guys is track yoga. It is an extreme form of exercise which you can do and it helps you to Lose weight. Apart from losing weight, this application helps you to increase the range of your motion to gain flexibility and also keeps you come relaxed and tension-free throughout the day. The presence of yoga is one of the most important parts of this exercise and that is available for free and you can enjoy free yoga sessions staying at home at the expense of a single mat only. So get it on your Android and IOS devices right now.

12- 8Fit

Last but not least application which is used by all fitness freak people is 8fit and it will provide you with a large number of daily workouts and also different kinds of meals which you can prepare depending upon your body type, weight, and height. It also helps you to easily shed all the extra Pounds you are having on yourself and allows you to stay active and fit every single day.

The above-given applications are the 12 best applications that will provide you with stretching exercises. Download them in your Android devices and also iOS devices. So what are you waiting for? Download these applications and enjoy the best of your health in no time.

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