Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and IOS

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and IOS

Our lives have become so hectic these days. People do not have time for Each Other even and they are so busy doing their work. The day starts with going to college, university, or the job and then end with the same routine. Routines are so tough literally that people do not have much time to reply to someone even. They always want some of their personal assistant to have their work done in no time. If you want the same personal assistant system for you, you are really at the correct place as this article contains all the correct information which will tell you about the artificial intelligence applications which you can download and install on your Android and IOS devices. Devices heir a personal assistant for yourself which will do all your work.

The work includes sending texts, mail, videos, and photos to any person in your contact When you say that application too. There is also an availability of typing while you speak something when you are running short of time. It also provides you with some information about health and reaching your destination on time. If you want to get these applications inside your Android devices, you should read this article till the end as we have given all the detailed information and all the best applications available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store which will help your work done despite a busy routine. top 10 artificial intelligent applications for Android and IOS users

Best Artificial Intelligence Apps Build for Your Help

1.Google Allo

Google Allo is one of the best artificial intelligence applications and is considered as the topmost intelligence in the world of numerous intelligence present. This has Incognito mode and there is the availability of voice and text typing, and according to this option if you are running short of time or you are busy with your schedule work, you can simply command it in your voice and it will be typed automatically. By this application, you can simply speak out the name of a person you want to send that message and that personal assistant will do it for you. It sounds interesting really so get it inside your Android to iOS devices as it is available for both users.


this has enabled many users to get to the top of your games and development. It is a sort of personal assistant for many users and it saves their time by performing their work. All you have to do to get this is download the CORTANA in Google Play Store or Apple store as this application is available for both Google and IOS holders. it also tracks down all your videos, files, images, and other stuff present inside your mobile phones and provides you with all the reminders and their deadlines


This is a type of personal assistant which you will hire for doing your all work. you can always be on time while you reach your destination as this application will help you to track all your motion routines and it will help you reach the particular destination on time. When you have a bad day, you can simply open this application and it will have a lot of funny jokes to tell you to elevate your mood. There is the presence of an option of text typing by speaking at will type all the text you speak to it.

4. Edison Assistant

There is the presence of different kinds of maps on it and you can enable it and drop off your location where you want to land and it will drop you there in no time. It has helped many people to reach their destinations.


this application is best for the students as it will enable them to do the homework in no time. There is also the presence of a camera that you can enable when you are not able to perform difficult arithmetic applications in your math homework

6.Swiftkey Keyboard

the swift keyboard is one of the best options which will enable you to type any word you want. The keywords are saved and there is the presence of auto-correct Mod which will help you to automatically correct all the words you typed wrong. It even Suggests the words which are to be typed correctly and will help you with your typing experience. You can even turn on the Google assistant who will automatically type whatever you will speak to the word.


it is a type of artificial intelligence that will help you to know best about your personality. the memories are stood and you can come again and start from where you left. This application is available for both Android and Apple phone holders and the users can download it on the devices without the expense of a single penny.


Hound has helped you to type your text message, calls, and emails and you can send them to any person anywhere. There is a built-in translator which helps you to type in any language. All you have to do is say ‘ok hound’ and it will perform your work.


this Android and IOS application has enabled people to send different kinds of files like photos, images and videos, and emails. This will send your application and will act as a personal assistant for doing your work.


Your is an application for people who are fitness freaks and never want to run short of their fitness. There is the presence of a personal trainer which you can activate whenever you want and it will tell you about different breathing exercises, yoga, and also so tell you about different kinds of medications and relaxation therapy. if you are suffering from any kind of Mental Health, cognitive behavior therapy is also given to people suffering from mental disorders.

The above-given article tells you about the best applications for Artificial Intelligence. It is one of the best mods for people who are running short of time and have a hectic routine so this application will help them to acquire personal assistance for themself who will do work for them while they remain easy themselves.

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