Top 15 Best Search Engine Apps Download for Android and iOS

Search engine applications are one of the most important applications which are available on our smartphones. They don’t want you to help us when we want to search for something but there is one of the basic apps present on our phones. You might think that these are all same but no this is not correct as all of the search engines contain some basic features which are important to one and important to others. You are to do the searching stuff in them and it is one of the most important things which we do when we use the internet.

If you are one of the people who want to search, the best search engines for you, this article is definitely for you. This article has covered up all that you require while you search for something.

Top 16 Best Search Engine Apps for You


Let me start with one of the most used search engine applications by most of the users which is Google. it is an app that is installed on the Smartphones of many people and it has the basics of all your searches. Google provides the users with all the best inside it and you can get to know best about whatever you want to search.

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This is another search engine that is very famous and developed by Microsoft. It has an amazing user interface and makes you are browsing an interesting experience. you can search for all your nearest restaurants, hospitals, and other places you want to visit.

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If you are looking for some cool browsing options, you can download this application as it has many features that you will enjoy. Your security is their major concern and all your data is encrypted so that you are safe you can open different kinds of tabs when you use duck go and search multiple things at a single time. Also, it is free of ADS popping up so do not worry about that.

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This application is one of the browsers which is used mostly for music. you can search favorite songs from this browser and download it. it will also show you different kinds of music so that you never miss out on any new song which has uploaded by Google iOS developers and download it in their mobile phones.

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Cam Find

These are more browsing pictures and videos kind of search bar and if you want to search for different kinds of pictures, this is definitely for you. It helps the user to find different kinds of unique pictures and they can download that when they find the important stuff. It is also available for free for both Android and Apple phone users and they can search for images and download whenever they want to.

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It is an application that is very important for different users and they are able to download whatever they want when they use this application and start searching for it. It helps them to know about the current exchange ratio of restaurants, hospitals, rest houses, and other places nearby. The information which you get is very correct and it searches in seconds rather than minutes also it is available for Google and IOS developers.

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AOL is one of the most updated search engines for people who want to search for different kinds of weather, news, traffic ideas, songs, pictures, images, and videos. it searches everything you want to and will answer every question of yours. it will provide you with the top link to everything you search for with this application.

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It is one of the best applications for Apple phones and Android for holders. you can download it and start searching whatever you want. Also, all your data is safe and history is not saved in this browser so you can search whatever you want.

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It is one of the famous applications of Android and Apple phone users which is very cool and has a large number of stickers and emojis to make the user interface more interesting. you can easily search for whatever you want while you use this browser and share it with your friends and family groups. Also, you can turn it on and off depending upon your choice.

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The search engine is one of the amazing agents for IOS and Android users which helps you to view the files from the top. You can search and download any format of the file that you want and it is such a handy device for students and business people.

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This application is definitely for people who love exploring and watching different kinds of movies, shows, and serials. you should have it on your Android and Apple phone if you are a movie lover and you can easily search whatever movie wants to.

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The price browser is for people who love shopping online all the brands which are famous for and also which are not famous. New and old-styled brands are available when users of this application.

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This application is the best to search engine application that allows users to find the perfect pictures, videos, audios of their choice. you can just type on the search bar and will find the perfect things for you. It will straight away get you the best results according to your search.

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Search Engine Land

The last but not least application for Android and Apple phone users is search engine land and they can search what would they want. They can search for their favorite artist, music, videos, and pictures while they use this kind of search engine. It will provide the best information and image and has a subscription to do it will provide more features.

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So these are world top 16 search engine application which users can use for different purposes. These are available for both Apple phone users and Android phone users.

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